Five star Service


Highly trustable

Alice and Mike had been helping us for many years. They had helped us on multiple investment properties transactions and Their knowledge in real estate is highly trustable.

A great agent

Alice was a great agent; she helped us buy a new home and sell the previous home. She’s very knowledgable of the area and gives great tips on location and things to look for and anything that might affect resale value. She’s also very aware of the fair market price and really good in negotiations. We gave one offer before settling in our current home and her predictions about the house we gave the offer on was perfect. Also looking back at some of the other houses we checked out and her price predictions, she pretty much predicted the prices of each of them correctly. She’s also always on time and very responsive to emails and phone calls. We worked with another agent before Alice and I would highly recommend working with her.

A good friend

Always I believe, “Show me your friend I can tell you who you are” In our life, identifying the good friend is more important, the similar way identifying the good realtor is more important to get a dream home. I believe I am lucky in that perspective, Yes, I am talking about my realtor Alice and Mike. I will give 100% ratings to both of them, they are expert and well knowledgeable realtor. I have introduced by my friends Raghu and Prabhu (Thank you guys) on Jan-16-2011 , Alice and Mike showed me the couple of homes and they asked me to give counter offer on Jan-22-2011. On Feb-02, personnel reason, I went to India as per my earlier plan, and arrived on Mar-05. They took care of my loan process, inspection, fixing the small issue and so on. I had house warming function on Mar-05-2011. I am really happy now, so far I have introduced 5 people to them. Also I am planning to go for investment home now, obviously my realtor is going to be Alice and Mike. Thank you so much Alice and Mike for all the great work. [PS] Advise to new home buyer, at end of the day, happiness is more important. If you find a good homes, don't look at 10-15k that exceeds from your budget

Very trustworthy

Have known Mike and Alice for more than a decade both inside the real estate sector as well as outside in other professional jobs. Alice and Mike run a tight shop offering clients all services from helping to buy, Sell, getting a loan, Refi and they have helped me with every aspect in the past decade or so. Buying a home in the bay area is a very expensive affair and you need agents that are flexible, have a lot of local expertise, very responsive and more importantly trustworthy. Every time they have been all the above, and above all very trustworthy, and I trust Alice and Mike to hold that trust to all their other clients.

Very informative and experienced.

Alice is very informative and experienced in this field. We are first time buyer, Alice had giving us advice on the how to place a bid and gave us references on properties sold in the nearby areas. Since the seller would like to rent back the property, she has arranged with the escrow and selling agent for the most secured way of receiving the rent before closing.

Like a friend

I was referred to Alice by a friend of mine who previously worked with Alice for home buying and mortgage services. She has excellent knowledge on home buying and guided me through the process like a friend. She was always there when I had any question or in doubt. She went above and beyond her schedule to help me make decisions. She was never pushy and always gave me time to think before I made my decisions. Over all I am very impressed with her service and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for home buying and mortgage services. Though the process she has become a good friend I am happy I have someone as knowledgeable as Alice to answer any of my questions in the future. Thank you Alice.

Always helpful

I was referred to Alice by my friend. She helped me buying a new townhome in San Ramon. She guided me through out the process and was always helpful. I would recommend her to anyone planning to buy house.

Makes me feel comfortable.

Alice and Mike have been helping me looking for houses in north San Jose and lower East Bay area. They have been diligent and patient with every opening and tirelessly gone to every single one with me. Eventually, with their great help, I was able to purchase at a new development in Newark. Their knowledge of the area and the value pf the property makes me feel comfortable in making the purchase.

Happy repeat client!

I have been interacting with Alice and Mike for the last 5 years. Very responsive all the time. I bought my first home with Alice 4 years back. Have had a great experience with her. When I was very particular about the place where I want to buy, she guided me, educated me to buy the home where I bought the home. Have been happy with the choice she suggested.

Saved us a substantial amount!

My wife and I just bought our first home with Alice. As first time buyer I really don't know how to start and what need to pay attention to. Alice was very responsive and took the time to explain the home buying process and also took care of all the details for us. And most importantly saved us a substantial amount on the price! Alice is a excellent real estate agent that I would highly recommend to everyone!

Like a family member.

Alice is a very kind person. I was rush to sell the house for back to hometown. At the begaining I had no idea how to sell a house . Alice was took a lot of time to explain every details, shows me step by step. She helps a lot. Prepared all details for me. Feel like a family member.

Amazing agent.

Alice is an amazing agent to get help with buying a home anywhere in Bay area. She has complete knowledge of market and very good contacts. She will motivate buyers very nicely and get you the dream house. We had very nice experience with Alice and she is the best among the agents that we worked with.

Won in a crazy market!

My wife and I were lucky to have Alice and Mike as our agent to purchase the first house in our lives. We were bad buyers in the sense that we were ignorant about buying a house as well as living in it when we came to them, and we were too busy to learn enough by ourselves. Alice and Mike were very informative in our many exchanges. We learned so many from them about the important aspects to evaluate and maintain a house, e.g. foundation, roof, drainage and termite. Alice and Mike are very knowledgeable about the housing market in the bay area, and they always give us insightful suggestions to go or not-to-go for a house. They are not the kind of agents that simply agree to the buyers’ ideas and push them to buy. They indeed convinced us to not buy a house that they thought did not worth the price. They struggled to understand (the changes of) our needs and made their recommendations meet our best interests. They listed out the pros and cons of every house that could fit our needs and gave us suggestions on the bid price and strategies from their professional point of view. They were very responsive to all our queries. Many of our communications were made over late night and even during their holidays abroad. Thanks to Alice and Mike’s hardworking, we finally won in the crazy market and owned a house in a very hot neighborhood. Many thanks to them!

Truly grateful

Thank you so much Alice. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and bearing with all of our craziness and questions. Truly grateful and heartfelt appreciation for all your help.

All in a week!

Alice was super quick in getting purchase done in a week. Appraisal, contingency, conflicts and loan processing all in one week. Understanding and helpful with good ideas and solutions.

For more than 10 years

Alice has been our realtor for more than 10 years. She helped us bought the 1st home in 2009. In 2019 with here help, we sold this home in 2 weeks. She and her husband are very kind and patient. In 2018, she recommended a toll brother new construction home. We moved in 6 months ago to the new home, we like it very much. We appreciate her service in the past 10 years.

The best decision

We had bought and sold our houses few times, and had experience with other agents at east coast. It was the best decision working with Alice and Mike we ever made when we moved to Bay Area. They are very knowledgeable as professionals and genuinely care about our interests. With their help we found our dream house and had the deal we would like. As a team, Alice and Mike are highly professional, kind and available all the time to help. We will refer both Alice and Mike to everyone in future. We are so grateful for their help and will continue our friendship established during this excellent experience.

Exceeds expectation

One of my friends referred Alice to me and she just helped me buy a single family home in Santa Clara. Alice is a very professional and knowledgeable agent, who exceeded my expectation in all aspects: very easy to work with, very familiar with the market, always responds our questions quickly, provides lots of suggestions on remodeling, etc. I highly recommend Alice!!!

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